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You want to feel better. Get rid of fatigue, pains and other restrictions. I help you implement a healthy and fun lifestyle.

Health Central offers a one stop, life changing, academic 360 degree approach to optimize your freedom of movement and well-being. When you choose Health Central you work on optimum physical and mental well-being in a fun and clear way. Experience the comfort of your own body.


"A body is made to function, not to disfunction. My job is to mobilize the power within and the rest will follow". H.Sgaïer, owner Health Central

We identify all aspects that influence your fitness level using our unique Fitness thermometer, including pain, muscle tension, flexibility, posture, coordination, strength, power, endurance, stress level, food intake, emotions and thought patterns. We maximize them by using soft tissue massage, fascia stretching and many other evidence based techniques in-and outside physical therapy, personal training, coaching, nutricional advice and more.

We believe health is not just the absence of illness or pain. It is rather a state of well-being that we persue. Which has a physical component as well as an emotional, mental and spiritual one: having a purpose gives you energy. An ankle that prevents you from playing a game you love might give you doubts or frustration. It may as well give you doubts about how your body will keep functioning.

We have positive recommendations and relevant learning and working experience at leading institutes like Real Madrid. Health Central works at academical level with an unique method that rebuilds underlying mechanisms and patterns. This method has been developed thanks to a unique combination of university education (Human movement sciences) and practical HBO training, coaching and therapy study, relevant learning and working experience in professional sports like Real Madrid, the University Medical Centre AMC, Ajax and by learning from decades of experience collaborating with unique people like you. Ranging from professional athletes and CEO's to sport lovers and people with a wide range of professions. We know everybody needs something different and has potential which we are experts in unlocking. We believe that personal attention is indispensable in a good cooperation with our clients: we ask questions, look, feel and listen to clarify your request for help.

We use super effective, safe and result oriented techniques. An existing injury, pain or fatigue is not an obstacle but an opportunity to do things differently. If your health is your most precious asset, your budget allows it, but your time or desire to exercise is limited, then there is no better deal. A proven way to get healthy and fit. Experience it yourself!

Let's call. Before you should book a Health Check (in which you receive our advice on a Fitplan), I can understand you want to consult us first. Book your free 15 minutes consultation by phone here.

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