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Are you venturous, ambitious, a professional or sports enthusiast? Whether you have an injury or want to get fitter, I help you on your way to better fitness, more energy and less discomfort. I do this through a comprehensive, academic approach for real effect.
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How may I help you?

Do you suffer from an (recurring) injury? Because of my experience as a physiotherapist in top sport I often see what is needed. You can book an appointment directly in my calendar.

Do you want to get fitter? You want more, but your body is not cooperating enough? Where to start? I understand that your time is precious. That is why I would like to talk to you first. I would like to hear what your wishes are and I'll try to give you back what I could do for you. A phone call will cost you nothing. Text me so I can call you at a time that suits you.

Do you suffer from an injury?

Whether acute or long lasting pain, I'm highly motivated to help you with an appropriate program. The rehab is only over when you can do everything you want to be able to do again. If needed we finish the rehab on the sport pitch in order to regain confidence in your ankle, knee, groin or whatever body part.
Injury consultation

Do you want to get fitter?

Do you want more strength, flexibility or relaxation? With my academic 360-degree approach and experience, I help you take that step you haven't been able to take until now.
360° Fitplan
"I'm not going to count how many push-ups you're doing, but I'll help you with an efficient workout that requires a real expert."
Physical therapy
Personal training
Sports rehabilitation
Myofascial release
Endurance training
Wim Hof method
Breath coaching
Mobility & Flexibility training
Stress & recovery
And more!

Health Check

Have your body tested! You choose the area of interest: strength, endurance, balance, pain, stress, joint and muscle mobility, (working)posture, biometrics (blood pressure, body weight etc.), running technique analysis..

From there I'll substantiate my advice to you.


A health check including a treatment session



Intake, examination and global Fitplan.
for quick, simple diagnostics I count  52,50 euros

Experienced in top sport

As a physical therapist I've worked independently for Ajax,  AC Milan, Real Madrid and more
"Really, with the right strategy our bodies are  capable of more than we tend to think"

About Hakim Sgaïer

I've studied physiotherapy and movement sciences and learned from the best teachers in top sport, including Real Madrid. I have three kids and speak Dutch, English, German, Spanish and French and I love diversity (I am Dutch & Tunisian myself).

Me myself I had to deal with setbacks in sports from an early age. I know what it's like to not function properly, but also how to get, stay en simply be fit. Also when aging. I grant everyone the feeling of freedom of movement that arises from strength and balance in body and mind.

With my background in top sport I have experienced many, many injuries, syndromes and (un)fit bodies. I often see what we can do about it. If your issue is not my cup of tea, I'll tell you too. If we encounter something I don't know, I'll find out or I'll refer you.
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  • High standard Professional. I worked with Hakim and I think he has a lot of skills in sport physio.

    Jaime Garcia Arroyo

    Physiotherapist, first team Real Madrid
    Hakim is an excellent physiotherapist and coach. His help and training programs were effective and valuable and tailored to my sport profile, recovery timeline and abilities.

    Scott moon

    Expat, Engineer
    Hakim is an excellent professional and person, very capable, reliable and with a large expertise in lifestyle training and prevention for better health.

    oscar H. Franco

    Director ISPM, University of Bern, Adjunct Prof. Harvard University

  • II was not physically fit because of a severe burn-out and and mononucleosis. After a search I ended up at Health Central and that has brought me a lot. After the trajectory I was able to go out for a day normally again. I have found the pleasure of being physically active again.

    Maurice Boedart

    Hakim's strength is that he not only looks at the specific physical complaint, but also at the whole: nutrition, lifestyle, ingrained patterns and the prevention of overload. He has been very important to me and I can wholeheartedly recommend him!

    IVO Wever

    Had a shattered heel 6 years ago after a fall from the bike. I was fairly recovered, but picking up tennis again always seemed a step too far. Then I met Hakim. Miraculously I play tennis again and without any problems. I actually didn't think there was so much room for improvement. I absolutely recommend him.




I survey interconnections in body and mind and substantiate my advice.


No one-size fits all.


Independant sport medical professional, large experience in top sport


You see where you're at in your process

360-degree approach

No person or body is the same, therefore every treatment and training progression is unique and tailor-made. By listening to your story and asking you questions I try to find out where to search in my examinations, while keeping an open mind. I mirror my findings to you, listen, examine and look closely and give you back what my analysis is.

You stay in charge. Decisions should support your personal and professional challenges. I do my job well if you start to understand the underlying patterns that cause or maintain your complaints or impede a better well-being.

 By using a comprehensive step-by-step approach and lots of experience, I help you move forward with steps that you could not take by your self.

Do you also want to be in top shape again?

Since 2002 I have been guiding people who are expected to perform under high pressure, such as (professional) athletes and entrepreneurs. We can often get started online after a few physical appointments, making my programs also accessible if you live further away or have a busy schedule.

What does a Fitplan look like?

Well, first tell me what your wishes are. Then we will look at the feasibility. I prefer to work in a Fitplan of 3 or 6 months to have the opportunity to really get you fit. In case of injuries, I spend an average of 2-4 hours per condition. In a cycle of Treatment, Testing, and Training I spend an average of 3-5 hours per zone.

After a Health Check you choose a plan. This can be (partially) reimbursed by your company, taxes or health insurance. The latter applies to both alternative and physiotherapy (52,50 euros/ 25 mins.), I can check this for you.
Looking for this?
These are goals I've helped my clients with over the last 19 years:
Playing sports more freely
Reducing stress & feeling better
Keeping the body flexible
Improving body image
Loosing weight & becoming stronger
Becoming and staying healthy
Preparing for a challenge: long distance running, triathlon, transfer to a bigger club

Training where it suits you

Whether you want to train outside, in your local gym or at your place, there are many possiblities.

In nature

Do you have a nice location? Would you like to exercise outside, at the beach, or in a forest? I'd like to go with you.

On location

I can welcome you in Haarlem and Oegstgeest. We can work in the treatment and training room, or at your home.


Wherever you are, I can also train and coach you online.


10 november 2022

Sinds 2003 begeleid ik topsporters met behandeling en fysieke training. Eerst bij Ajax, daarna Real Madrid, vervolgens bij een Sportmedisch centrum verbonden aan het Nederlands voetbalelftal en ook na de oprichting van Health Central heb ik vooral voetballers van het hoogste nationale en internationale niveau geholpen. Skater Steven Tonnon postte deze week een toffe video. […]

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18 oktober 2022
Het overtrainingsyndroom (burn-out)

Snel stappen maken en doorbreken naar de top; daar hebben ambitieuze mensen wel oren naar. Maar wat nou als je het niet volhoudt? Vermoeidheid neemt toe, prestaties nemen af. Wat is er precies aan de hand en wat kun je er aan doen? Overtraining is een proces van overmatige belasting Of je nu (top)sporter bent […]

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18 augustus 2022
Erkenning en vergoeding alternatieve zorg

Sinds enige tijd heb ik op basis van universitaire en aanvullende studie een erkenning alternatieve zorg, inclusief de mogelijkheid tot vergoeding. Ook hiermee werk ik in Oegstgeest, Haarlem en op locatie. Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Bern & Adjunct Prof. Harvard University mr. Franco: "Hakim is an excellent professional and person, very […]

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Do you know exactly what you need, or do you have an injury? You can book an appointment directly in the online agenda.
Are you considering a 3 or 6 month Fitplan? You don't want to waste your time on something that doesn't work, or someone you don't feel comfortable with. I understand that.  Let's have a chat. It doesn't cost you anything. App me a time of day I can call you.
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